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Educational cleaning

Customer satisfaction for educational cleaning in Wellington

All work completed by Custodian Services is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. You can rest assured we are highly skilled and experienced in all school and educational cleaning and are dedicated to ensuring the safety of all involved. Our cleaners have worked with many local schools and educational facilities in Wellington will pay complete attention to detail on every aspect of the job. If you want to create a regular cleaning maintenance program we can arrange that with you.


We promise you will feel at ease with our team in charge of your school cleaning requirements. We will treat your premises with the utmost care and will inspect every area. Our team has provided both one-off and regular cleaning for schools of various sizes and has a reputation with many, who recommend us through word of mouth.  


Timely cleaning solutions are what we are all about at Custodian Services. We will be in and out before you know it, allowing you to breathe easy. We know the effect daily activities at a kindergarten can have and have the ability to treat all surfaces. We have experienced pretty much every type of school cleaning job imaginable.

Day care centres

A simple wipe or once-over will never be enough for our perfectionist cleaning team, especially when the health and safety of children is involved. We can provide our cleaning services to day care centres in the area and won’t be done until everything is spick and span. 
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